rpgmlk foundation promotes peaceful interaction between police officers and citizens.

About Us

The rpgmlk foundation was  inspired by the tragic death of a young man named Christian Cobian. Christian was riding a bicycle without a headlight  in Lancaster, California on January 22, 2012 and the police tried to stop him. He was scared to stop and he ran away. He reached towards his waistband for some reason and a police officer thought he was reaching for a weapon and shot and killed him. Police officers are often placed in excruciating high stress situations where they must make split-second decisions to protect their own lives and the lives of the public. After the shooting, it was found there was no weapon and Christian's death could have been prevented.


Our Work

We use the great examples of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. to remind people that there is a safe and peaceful way to interact with police officers that can save lives. We are creating global awareness by providing  the following inscriptions on jelly bracelets: wwrpd? wwgd? wwmlkd? The letters are in lowercase to remind us that these great leaders humbled themselves for peace. Our starting point is attending public events in Compton, Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Lancaster, and teaching people about the stories of these three leaders and how they peacefully interacted with police officers. We educate citizens about their rights and responsibilities when interacting with the police. We  return the spirit of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. to the urban communities where their spirit is so needed. Our ultimate goal is to have our message heard globally. We will save lives.



We are currently accepting donations towards helping our dream become a reality.

Some of our future projects are:

Attending events  in local communities such as Lancaster, Ca, Inglewood, Ca, South Central Los Angeles, Ca, and Compton, Ca to hand out jelly bracelets and spread our message.

School assembly presentations 

Working with police departments in many communities to promote our message 

Becoming a 501(c)3 non profit organization

Our ultimate goal is to spread the message at a global level: Officer Stop?...Hands on Top! 

Every dollar helps. Thank you so much for your support. Here is our funding link:





Want To Help?

Volunteer online, in your community, or here in Lancaster. Email us at rpgmlkfoundation@gmail.com and we will match your skills, interests, and abilities to a fun volunteer position supporting rpgmlkfoundation and saving lives globally.


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